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At last, heading out of Cyprus and back to work in Qatar!

I arrived back in Cyprus from my last offshore rotation on February 25th. The night before I was due to return to Qatar, the Qatar Authorities closed the state due to the Covid-19 situation. This was 24 hours earlier than had been previously announced. I had started to pick up on comments on a few Facebook groups that the situation was changing, and then I was in communication with a colleague from work. This was around 10 pm, I was due to leave the house around 7 am the next morning. Over the next few hours, we both tried to reach various call centres are personnel. Eventually, we received the confirmation not to travel. I had picked up a hire car that afternoon to travel across to Larnaca the next morning, No need for it now! I headed off to bed. The next morning, I returned the hire car from where I collected it. From this point on it was a case of wait and see, I had spoken to work and they said sit tight, they will be in touch. Then, everything went into further lock

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