Monday, 15 May 2017

Car [window] shopping - update

Took a trip into a couple of the car garages in Qatar to have a look at the models that were coming into Cyprus, based on what the Cyprus dealers were stating.

So, the mind is made up...

Contacted the dealer again in Cyprus and confirmed that the 3 cars that were coming into country in July were still available. He confirmed, the scheduled arrival date and expected delivery date to customer and request some details should I wish to proceed.

Shortly after, he sent me through confirmation of the order, and the bank details where to send the deposit.

Given the timings, I should be able to get it the week after I arrive in Cyprus, providing there are no delays. This will save a lot of hassle with hire cars, short term leases etc. I'm sure the car will be fine, and certainly that variant get fairly decent reviews, and it wont break the bank too much, and take away some of the risk around 2nd hand cars etc.

I got a quote from one of the banks insurance division and it appeared to be quite reasonable at ~400€/year for the two of us, which includes off road insurance and the optional trailer insurance.

You will just have to wait for the reveal in July/August!