Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Arrival........Day #19

Today, the last full day before I head back to Qatar.

I had to pop in past the bank to pick up my PIN, as the one they sent out never arrived at the villa, reason unknown! I did mention to the bank that the address they have on account and on the letters I have seen that I picked up doesn't exactly match the villa address, but they said it isn't a problem and no need to change it.

Also went with the land lady today to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus, and got the electric meter transferred over onto me. We will have to do the water another day as that is done up in the local village somewhere.

Also had another success today, setting up the Sonos system, surprised how much easier it was to do than the wifi. The technology in the Sonos boxes must be more efficient, better positioned antenna or whatever reasons, but they all linked up without any hassle.

Last few moving things around etc, and start to baton down the hatches before tomorrow.

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