Monday, 7 August 2017

The Arrival........Day #18

Walked down the hill today to pick up the car from the restaurant after last nights meal. 2km, downhill did make it easier. Had considered taking one of the kids scooters, but decided against it and just enjoyed the walk. Think it would have been a killer trying to come up the other way, glad I got a taxi lift to the top of the road, although the last few hundred yards up the steep bit was still a killer.

Contacted the land lady to see if she was still wanting to go do the electricity today, but she has other plans, so that is a job for tomorrow.

Reserved car parking at one of the Airport car parks for when I fly back to Qatar. Had originally planned to use a hire car, but it didn't make sense. Cheaper just to use my own car and park it there. That way it will be ready for when I come back and negate the need for another hire car on the return, and associated taxi's etc. etc.

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