Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Arrival comes to an end........Day #20

So that's it! The 'Arrival' is over........

Back to Qatar today. Next time I'm back though the family join.

Did all the usual, empty the fridge, the bins, made sure the building was secure etc. jumped into the car and headed off. About 45 minutes later, got a phone call from the car garage. They wanted a copy of the new log book as they forgot to take on before they gave the document to me. They will just have to wait!

I just sat at the speed limit, as didn't want any hassle. I had seen plenty of police on the road before. It was just a nice pleasant stress free drive. Car in cruise control and the fuel economy probably averaged around the 50 mpg.

Arrived at the car parking place, got pointed to the area where I need to go for the booking type and the minibus picked me up from the car and dropped me round at the airport. Checking the odometer, the car has done 494 km now.

Checked in, through security and it was straight to the gate as they were ready to start boarding. Timing was perfect, but probably a little to close for comfort! Maybe leave a bit earlier next time.

And that's it...Good bye Cyprus, see you soon again.

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