Friday, 28 July 2017

The Arrival........Day #7 & #8

Day 7

...was an extremely quiet day. So quiet it didn't even warrant its own page!

Still no word on the shipment. :-(

Really just more pottering about in the villa.

I did get an email from the Villa agent, asking to meet on Friday to get the water and electricity put over onto my name. However, I need my passport for this, and it is still with the car garage for the registration process.

Day 8

Having had the car for a couple of day now, I was happy it was time to take the hire car back. I do have it for another few days, but I wanted to get it out of the way before the shipment did come.

I took the hire car and got it refueled to full. I had only used 1/2 a tank and it took €25 to fill. The petrol station was next to the car hire, so it was an easy drop off.

I then took a walk to find a taxi to get back to the villa. However, I managed to find my way into DT's Sunset Bar for a lunchtime pint, which turned into 3. I got speaking to a builder from Woking who was over seeing a pal. His pal stayed up in Tala, so he dropped me off at the bottom of the road from the villa and I walked up the hill. Long walk after 3 beers in the midday sun.

I got back to the villa and there was only one thing to do, beer and the pool.

Must have been floating about for a good couple of hours, and did nod off at one point for about 10 minutes. Had some dinner and then climbed into bed. I was knackered. Ended up sleeping for about 12 hours. Think the week of early mornings and running around, coupled with the heat, the pool and beer took its toll.

Wish this shipping would hurry up! Still no word yet... :-(

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