Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Arrival........Day #6

Today turned out to be a relatively lazy day compared to the last few.

Still no word on when the shipment is coming.... :-(

I took the car out for more of drive, see what it was like in traffic and then a longer run out the road.

Out and about I stopped of at a couple of DIY / Home type shops to see what they had. Handy for when you need something in a rush and don't need to try and find it last minute. One shop I came across is Paphos Homemarket, probably the closest thing I have seen to a B&Q for a couple of years outside of the UK!

As you can see from their website gallery ( it is spread over 4 floors, and has a good mix of stuff.

Here is there promotion video which is aerial drone footage taken outside and inside the store mixed in with some other steadycam shots.

After a run round the shops, headed out the coast road to St. Georges harbour at the end of the island, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed home.

Here is another aerial drone video I found on YouTube of the St. George area.

Back into the villa, into the pool and a few beers were in order.

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