Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Arrival........Day #3

Again, another early wake luxurious airbed creaked and groaned, or maybe that is my joints, but nonetheless, I'm awake.
The luxury air bed, it was those sheets or some garish 80s neon colours - limited choices in that supermarket!
Sunday, wasn't really sure what I was going to do.

Pottered about, went to the supermarket again for more stuff...had a drive around.

Did get an email from the property Agent to meet on Tuesday to get the Water/Electricity transferred to me.

Also got an email from the shipping company in Qatar. I need to pay some origin handling charges for the piano. and my shipment wouldn't be delivered until it was paid. Last thing I need is more delays, so sent them an email asking for how to pay asap.

No update from shippers locally on the container...

Generally a quiet day.......oh, did I say it was sunny and the pool was lovely!

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