Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Arrival........Day #2

Despite being relatively late to bed last night with all the running around and prepping etc. I still woke up early, maybe it was the air bed, it seams to be very noisy, or maybe something else made a noise and woke me, or the light or what, but I was awake around 5 am.

Was in one of those not sure if I wanted to move or not mindsets....after all it was still early, but had heaps to do.

Eventually got up and had a shower, pottered about a bit, then checked what time the Kings Avenue Mall opened so I could head to Cyta and sort of mobile/internet. Plenty time to kill so spent the next 2.5 hours mopping all the floors...I was knackered by the end of that, never mind doing anything else.

Headed into town, which is really easy to get to, basically down the hill, turn left and just head straight all the way into town. The mall car park was really busy, but found a space in the lower basement, and headed up to the shop.

There was a couple of other customers being seen to, so just waited my turn, then got one of the salepersons, who said I need to speak to the other one, as she dealt with the new orders. Waited for her to finish with the person she was dealing with and got started discussing needs.

At this point Mike (from work in Qatar) and his family, said hello! I had a million things going through my head, and then seeing him, just knocked utter confusion into my skull and he must have though I was on another planet! It should have been a surprise, as we were meeting later for a catch up. Anyway, said quick Hi and then back to business.

First up was a new mobile contract, went through the options, discussed the 'Family Plan' for later when the rest arrived, and changeover to that, which is relatively painless process - apparently. I had taken the villa lease agreement with me and my passport so that satisfied the paperwork needs. Great 1 Sim procured!

Next up was the villa internet. no FTTH here, or WISP with Cyta,  just good old fashioned DSL. Although there options list did include a 50MB speed as the highest tier. Anyway, that's what I said I would take, but until it is activated and line tests are done, we wouldn't know what I would actually get. She said I would get a text in a couple of days to come and collect a modem from one of the shops once the order has been processed. Anyway, off I went, happy now to have a local sim. At this point still not put it in the phone, didn't want to lose the other sims that were already in it, so would wait until I got back to the villa.

Headed back into the supermarket for another quick shop, its amazing how there is always something else, but not to worry....Shopping done and back to the villa.

Mike and family were meeting, and got a call from them to say they were lost, so met them down at the Tala Amphitheatre cafe. had a small snack for lunch and bit of a chin wag, then they came up to the villa for butchers, and more of a chin wag. Inherited some Irn-Bru and water they had left over, as they were heading back to the UK that day.

Spent the rest of the day again pottering about in the villa again, of course, had to hit the pool for a cool off. Beer and Lilos....Did also eventually put the new Sim into my phone, and bingo 4G internet on the mobile. I can now use Wireless AP pairing with my laptop/tablet and get decent screen size and applications again.

Great view for a Sunset from the villa
Still had no word from the shippers on the container.....more waiting. I know it is in Cyprus, as I had been tracking it via Maersk Shipping website. so, there is some progress.

And to bed it is, Day 2 is done....

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