Friday, 21 July 2017

The Arrival........Day #1

I've Made it!

Touchdown in Larnaca Airport around 11.30 am, the flight wasn't bad, not full, and no-one sat next to me, so a bit more arm room. Picked up my carry-on and headed off the plan to the baggage collection. Not as prompt at getting bags off the plane as Doha, but wasn't too long to wait. Grabbed my two suitcases and headed  through customs and headed to the hire car area.

Did the usual with the paperwork for the hire car and handed the keys, walked out to the hire car collection area, handed the agent the key and the paperwork, and she headed off to find the car, wasn't too long to wait, it was only parked 4 spaces away! Car inspection, usual dents and scrapes etc etc. Kia Sportage this time, loaded the suitcases in the boot, and heads off.

When we were in Cyprus earlier in the year, I remember there were a lot of police on the motorway, so just sat at the speed limit and enjoyed the drive, the weather and the view. Nice to see some greenery, compared to Qatar!

I stopped off at the supermarket to get a couple of essential I thought I might need from the moment I arrived in the villa, like water and bog roll etc. I had planned to do a bigger shop after I had been to the villa, but better to be safe than sorry with the absolute essentials. 

I had previously been in touch with the landlady about my arrival plans, and had estimated I would be there about 3-3.30pm, but was now a touch later than planned due to getting lost! I had remember the way through Paphos and to the supermarket etc. but got completely lost on getting to top end of Tala. had to stop and turn on Waze and UK mobile Sim to get the last bit.

Arriving at the villa it was empty, I had received an email a few minutes earlier from the landlady saying she had just left and to call her when I arrived and she would come up as she was only 5 minutes away. Gave her a phone and she popped up with the keys for me.

We talked a few things over, had a general chat, look around the villa again and she was on her way. She had bought some fruit and cakes from the Bakery, which were very nice and very kind of her.

I had a wander around had a think of what I would need, cleaning things, food, rubbish bags, etc. etc.

Headed into Paphos to one of the main supermarkets and did a bigger shop, it will do until tomorrow!

The shipment was still to clear customs, so was going to be without furniture for a few days more. So air bed, sheets, cutlery, drinking glass, plate. Essential and minimalist! Oh, but did also treat myself to a cheap lilo for the point having a pool and not chilling floating around in it :-)

Still on UK Sim and not giving me 4G, although the data roaming/internet is working, I think I know what is priority tomorrow.

Day 1 done, knackered and off to bed.

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