Monday, 3 April 2017

Spot of shopping...

Today, we took a trip to Kings Avenue Mall, wanted to see what shops they had and what it was like.

Ok, fair to say it is no Middle East mall......a few of the shops that I definitely think will be used. First they had a Public, which is a bit like a Virgin Megastore, definitely up my street, and then usual clothes shops etc.

Still managed to come back with a mountain of shorts and tops for the kids....'just looking' 😏

In the morning before we left, I had sent a message to a couple of computer shops in the area, I was on the hunt for a high power PSU for the machine back in Doha, so I could complete the graphics card upgrade.

When we got back from the mall, one of the shops had replied saying they had one in stock, so Maya and I took a run out to check it out. It was Paphos Computers in Kissonerga, just along the road from the hotel, after clearing the confusion on where they were, Facebook said one thing, Google another, and just using the address on their website was fine! Arrived in the shop, exactly what I needed, so job done.

Maya and I headed back into the car and headed to have a look at cars, but couldn't find the garage we were going to originally look for, so gave up, but passed a large DIY shop and Maya wanted to have a look in there. It had everything from paint to Sofa's, Garden furniture to kitchenware, so a bit more than just a DIY shop.

I have a feeling when we move here, there is going to be a lot of general shop hunting!

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