Sunday, 30 April 2017

Car [window] shopping

Does it count as window shopping if it is done over the internet?

I have been trying to work out what car to get when we move to Cyprus. So while offshore, I have been trying to look at reviews and contact dealers etc.

Cars in Cyprus are expensive, particularly western brands. Also looking for a 4x4, but not a big petrol thirsty one like you get in Qatar, as fuel prices are a lot more in Cyprus compared to Doha.

Would also like one that would be able to handle the hills and maybe a bit of light off roading round coastal routes and into the national parks etc.

The second hand market is also expensive, with cars holding there value better than the likes of the UK or Qatar. Another thing is leasing, the dealers don't do leasing options. All financing is done through the banks and interest rates are higher than you would expect.

Would also prefer new, so at least there is warranty comeback, particularly with me being away for half the year.

Contacted a couple of the garages to see what 2017 models they have coming into country over the next few months, or what the typical lead times are for orders.

One garage I spoke to, has some pre-spec'd cars coming in May and in July, and they are the same spec as what I was considering, so this could simplify things. They have also quoted me a price which is favourable. I suppose if they can get a sale without having to have a pre-spec sat on their forecourt, it makes it easier for them!

Will need to take a trip into the local garages in Qatar, to see if they also have the equivalent cars to get an idea and maybe help make the final decision.

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