Friday, 24 March 2017

Touchdown - made it to the hotel!

Well we are off to a good start, could have been better, but we made it in one piece.....

Landed in Larnaca without any problems, through immigration and out to the Sixt car hire desk. Signed all the necessary paper work showed the driving licenses, all the usual stuff.

Out to the car park, over to the car pick up area and presented with a Opel Zafira, I'm sure it will do fine, its only 12 days..

Found our way out the airport, having to remember which side of the road to drive on and get used to using a clutch again, and onto the motorway no problem.

Passed Limassol.....must be heading in the right direction.

Then we arrived in Paphos, dropped down off the motorway, and then it got sketchy, the map from the car hire didn't really help much, but somehow managed to get across Paphos and headed out west. However, we dropped down onto the coast road after the hotel, so ended up miles passed the hotel.

Got myself confused where we were staying, seen a sign and thought, "oh there it is", and headed into the hotel car park....parked the car...and emptied all the suitcases out, and started walking through the car park towards the reception.

Then I spotted the hotel sign at the reception entrance...things just didn't look right. You guessed it, we are at the wrong hotel...D'Oh! Could have been worse, could have actually made it all the way to the reception desk and made a right pap of myself!

About turn, re-load the car and we are off again...

This time, heading back towards Paphos, and spot the correct hotel this time. Parks up, checks in and off to the rooms.

I was late booking accommodation, so couldn't get into the hotel originally wanted, and then trying to find family rooms/suites at a reasonable price was pretty limited, as everything was full.

However, in the end got the last of the 2 bed suites at Capital Coast Resort & Spa, turns out it was only a couple hundred metres from one of the schools which made things a bit handier.

First thing first was to head out for a wander, find some food and get our bearings.

The kids of course needed to test out the pool, now were they in for a surprise or was BALTIC! The outdoor and indoor pools were freezing. I know who will not be going in (yes, me, that's correct).

Not a bad setting
Nice Sunset
More on the hotel later....

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