Monday, 27 March 2017

Property visits

On the weeks/months before coming over, I had spent many hours scouting the various property websites looking for options.

After identifying a few options and contacting the respective sites, in the end I elected to deal with Demetra from OnlineCyprus. I had previously shared with her what I was looking for and in what general area, and she came up with a few options that were available.

We had arranged to meet at our hotel and we headed out with her to visit a few.

The first one we visited was in the hills of Coral Bay, built over 3 floors with 7bed/5bath and private pool out to the rear of the property. It was certainly an option, but I felt that the garden felt a little bit overlooked by neighbouring properties. 

The second one we visited was in the hills of Tala, and this was currently top of our list. again, built over the 3 floors, 7bed/7bath, 700m2 with a private pool to the front of the property, with amazing views out towards the coast and down into the lowlands. On top of this it had a lovely outdoor dining area and the garden was private with nobody looking down into the grounds.

The third property Demetra had identified had just recently been rented out, so she took us to visit a 4th property that was still under construction, but the owner (who was the builder) said he could have the place ready for when we need to move to the country. It was just down the road from #2. The property (7bed/7bath) was definitely still under construction, built across 3 levels,  it was still open with none of the final fit fixtures or fittings in place, in fact none of the bathrooms were even in place, just a shell with the floors and wall finishing in place and the carcass of the kitchen units. The 'garden' was just a building site, but the builder showed us where the infinity pool was to be installed and which walls on the ground floor would be closed up to form the lower level living room/kitchen/4 car garage area.

We know which one we ideally wanted, but really had to finalise schooling, to make sure the location was best/acceptable for daily travelling etc.

It was great however to get out and start looking at places at last!

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