Friday, 31 March 2017

And then the rains came!

Today, we had just been out and about wandering around, but as the day went on, it was clear that there was a storm brewing.

Out over the sea, the clouds were getting darker and darker.

Late afternoon the winds started to get up and the then the thunder and lightning started. It got closer and closer and there were several that strikes were very close as the noise was deafening.

I tried to capture some of them on camera, but you know how it is, never pointing in the right direction, or stopped and started the camera at the wrong time, or they just didn't show up on the videos.

However, I did managed to catch one strike that came out perfectly, out over the sea...

As you can maybe see in the video, it also looks like heavy rain in the distance and it looked like a wall of water slowly heading towards the hotel.....sure enough it rolled in and it tipped down as you can see below:

At least the kids made the most of it. also clears the air and gives everything a wash down!

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