Thursday, 30 March 2017

3rd School Visit and Villa Lease Signing!

Today was time for another school visit, the 3rd school on the list.

The International School of Paphos, was a larger school, probably about the same size as the current school in Qatar. We arrived in the school and waited in reception to meet the registrar and just people watched. You can get a lot of subtle signals just from how the staff/pupils come and go, the staff/pupils interact and the general buzz around the place. The Registrar took as through to her office and we had a general chat and then took a tour of the facilities. met some of the classes, met the school guinea pigs and had a good look around. The school had a lot more non-Brits compared to Aspire and TLC. Today was just a visit, and tomorrow we had assessments.

After we left, we had a good chat between ourselves and the kids, and in the end decided that we felt Aspire was a better fit for both the children. We didn't want (and they didn't want) the children to go to different schools, and taking everything into consideration, Aspire topped the list.

I drafted and sent emails to all 3 schools thanking and notifying each of our intentions.

That's the first key objective of the Cyprus visit accomplished - School Places!

Next up we headed up to the Tala villa again, this time we were also meeting the owner. We had agreed to take the villa and I had sent Demetra a copy of my passport the day before so that she could prepare a draft lease agreement.
While we waited for them arriving, we had another wander around. then it was time to do the business. Lease agreements signed and witnessed in triplicate. All done!

That's the second key objective of the Cyprus visit accomplished - Housing!

When I got back to the hotel, I set up a bank transfer for the deposit. Once that was confirmed as received by the owner, I would send the main advance rental payments as agreed in the lease conditions.

It certainly was a relief getting those two objectives met!

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