Wednesday, 29 March 2017

1st School Feedback and Tala Villa 2nd Viewing

We started the day off with another visit to Aspire British School. We met with the principle (the girls waited in reception) and spent almost 2 hours doing a through review and discussions of the kids assessments, understanding individual needs and discussing how the school can provide the needs of each of the kids. This session was most enlightening and valuable. It certainly wasn't the half hour session I expected!
Fortunately, we came away knowing that the school was offering places for both the children in the next school year. We met with the Registrar again and she gave us the paperwork and a quick run down on the next stage should we wish to proceed once we had made a decision following visiting all the schools.
At this point, we both felt that this was the right choice, but would wait and see what the 3rd one was like and had to offer.

After leaving the school, we headed back up to the villa in Tala. We had arranged a 2nd viewing with the agent. I had a good look around, took lots of pictures and tried to image how our furniture in Qatar would fit in, which bedrooms would be the girls etc.

I think our minds are made up, this is the villa to lease......

We also did some timings from the villa to both Aspire and International, and they were both less than 15 minutes, which is great. Reckon there is still optimisation to be had in our routes, as still felt like a lot of unnecessary turns, but this will come with time as we explore the options more.

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