Monday, 30 January 2017

Villa Blindness! Schools and Cars...... :-/

I have spent free time this week doing mad villa searches.

I don't know how many sites I have looked at, and how many listings of long term rentals, but my head is minced and they are all blurring into one another.

One of the hardest parts with some of the sites is 'availability'. Some of the sites make it perfectly clear when they are Rented. Very few tell you when the rented ones will be available from, and a lot of them don't tell you anything at all.

I have stumbled across some really really really nice ones, but sadly they are out of the price range! There are a few contenders to consider.

Another issue is of course location. The sites give you a general location, but I want to know exactly where, i.e. show me on Google Maps! I like to look at the earth view and see what other properties are near by, where the main roads are and what the facilities in the area are.

By pulling different information from a few of the listings, I have successfully managed to find some of them on the map. It is a bit like "Where's Wally", but for property. Swimming pool shapes, villa buildings, distance to estimates etc. all help, but it is not easy!

More hunting required.

I contacted a couple of agents this week, just to test the waters, so see what sort of response we get.

We also dropped a mail to the 3 British schools around Paphos, so see what they say, but really need to get formal applications sent. That will be a job for when I get back onshore next week.

I also had a quick look at a few car the hell can they justify those prices! This is going to need more work.

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