Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Is Cyprus Calling? We just don't know yet!

Hello and welcome to my Cyprus is Calling blog.

So what is this all about? Well, as you can see from the link in the header, I have another blog, Qatar Is Calling, which was and is all about moving to and working in Qatar. There have been some changes announced at my employer, which will result in a change of employer and possibly a change in residential status.

I say possibly because we still do not know the details yet and it may or may not have an impact. As I look towards the timings, we (me and the wife) cannot take the risk and leave everything to the last minute, and need a Plan B, just in case we do have to move out of the country, for either residential sponsorship withdrawal or financial constraints due to terms and condition changes with an employer transfer.

My wife and I had previously discussed options when I first applied for a position in Qatar about where we would live etc. etc. and Cyprus was an option. At the time, it never was needed and ended up moving to Qatar. Now the Cyprus option is back on the cards.

This blog is ultimately the Part 2 of the Life Changing Adventure for the family, with another country, so another blog.

Let us see where this takes us!

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